My artwork is an ongoing exploration of my own personal pathologies. I derive comfort and structure from repetitive and detail oriented crafting processes. The resulting work serves as a record of peculiar coping mechanisms developed out of a need to displace negative thought processes into a productive and socially acceptable format. I treat monotony as meditation, creating a sense of order in response to feelings of grief, loss, isolation, depression, and anxiety.

    My own inability to accept loss drives me to collect and preserve. By displacing my neuroses and self doubt into repetitive/obsessive processes such as felting, carving, casting, serial works, and generally tedious craft I am able to embrace these uncomfortable feelings. I focus intensely on material properties and obsessively explore crafting possibilities, often fixating narrowly on a single material, form, gesture or idea. I take extreme pleasure in finding exquisite beauty in the small and the happenstance. The utterly delicate patterning of a clementine membrane, the effortless curve of a vine or branch, the natural shelter of a seedpod, all possessing a level of subtlety and grace that I cannot reproduce with my own hands. I have a deep seated need to closely control my process but I work with materials that remove one or more aspects of the outcome from my ability to dictate them. This creates an internal tension that drives further investigation and development.

    A long ingrained sense of being mundane and overlooked draws me to simple and often ignored materials. Various habitual and obsessive behaviors have served to provide comfort and order. There is a beauty and poignancy in these intensely personal and at times abject practices. My work takes what could be destructive and crippling behaviors and translates them into a format for public consumption, shining light into all my dark corners.